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When I get hit on

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29.Jul.14 1 day ago
  • Interviewer: burnt potato
  • Lady Gaga: actually that's what my new album ((ARTPOP)) is all about
18.Jul.14 1 week ago

A rant… Because I can.

I realized that I’m horrible at making friends. The friends that I do make are through the very few friends I have. Then as a result I end up becoming part of a group of friends that weren’t even initially mine. What’s worse is that when I’m feeling lonely I have no one to turn to because well everyone is usually off collectively doing something. Now I understand the concept of friendship (you meet someone they introduce them to you their group of friends and then you hang out as a gang). This however I feel is shit…Because then you come to know people who weren’t even originally your friends and when shit goes a little astray they’re not there. I guess I’m just feeling lonely and I have no one to turn to. The people I do have, I feel are super annoyed with me….well because I’m fucking annoying. In high school I had a great group of friends but like all good things it came to an end (mostly on my part). When things feel through my best friend at the time told me that I was an asshole and that I treat my friends like shit…and to be honest 4 years later I think I believe her. I’m not writing this to get any kind of sympathy from people I may know. I’m writing this because I have no fucking clue how to function in society anymore. I used to be alright with being alone. I would go on trips alone. But now that I’m living on my own, away from my parents and away from the people I have grown to love and call my family. I find it hard or imposible to start that cycle of finding dear friends again. I don’t want to disappoint the people that I meet so I don’t bother them…. But I’m feeling hella alone because of it.

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sometimes my mood is ‘beyonce’


but other times its ‘white person in an infomercial’


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I wanna watch cute, awkward porn like this!

It’s way sexier when the bottom doesn’t have a two inch wide asshole that easily accommodates any penis. It’s realistic, and hot, to see a bottom struggling to take his top’s dick. 

Plus, the top is so cute…stopping to ask the bottom if he’s okay, and saying he’ll slow down and be gentle…aww.

yay for cute, realistic porn.


It’s a combination of consent and consideration.

Imagine that.


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100% relatable

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I have something to show you…

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